Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of user data within our games, as well as the treatment of data by the third parties we work with to make and distribute our games. This policy was written in good faith to provide you with a brief and transparent explanation of how our products function in regard to your privacy.


Google Analytics

Our website uses is Google Analytics to collect anonymous data regarding website traffic. The link below goes into detail on the functions of Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Privacy Policy



At present all of our games are made using the Unity Engine which may collect data for advertising (if the game is ad-supported) and/or gameplay analytics for monitoring performance and fixing bugs. This is a basic and non-comprehensive explanation of how Unity (may) work with data. Below is a a link to Unity's Privacy Policy, which goes into detail about how user information may be used.


Unity Privacy Policy



In regard to the Facebook versions of games we use anonymous data about things pertaining to sales, advertising, performance, and gameplay statistics  provided to us by Facebook for use within Facebook's rules and guidelines. We don't need, want, store, or use any personally identifiable information from our users unless otherwise specified in writing (for example when people opt-in to mailing lists).


Below are a few links that go into detail about our possible usage of the data and analytics Facebook provides us through the games we publish.


Facebook Platform Policy:


Facebook Privacy Policy:


This policy will be updated frequently as we add new features, create new products, and distribute on new platforms. It is subject to change without notice, so please check back when you feel the need to do so.


While we aim to make high quality products/services, you use our products/services at your own risk and we make no warranties whatsoever outside of those explicitly mentioned.


Last Updated 11/23/19

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