08/23/18 New Project Announcement!

I’m pushing the release of my next game back until Mid 2019. I want to improve the overall quality of my games, create them more efficiently, and begin publishing them on Steam, iOS, and Android.


I will also post more frequent and less formal updates via Minds, Gab, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As we get closer to the next release I’ll start posting Twitch and Steam as well. Later this year I’m starting an email newsletter to let everyone know about new releases, discounts, events, and fan merchandise.




Michael David Marshall, Game Designer

02/24/18 New Project Announcement!

I’m releasing a new text-based adventure game 3rd Quarter 2018 for PC, Mac, and Linux. More details will be available closer to release. Check back soon and play my free games on the site in the meantime.




Michael David Marshall, Game Designer

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